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Code of Conduct

We expect all our artists to be professional at all times whilst being represented by Blake Close Management Ltd. The majority of our polices are outlined below. If we feel you are acting in an inappropriate manner we will remove you from our books without written warning.

1) As standard we submit you for all relevant jobs that you meet the criteria for. It is your responsibility to tell us when you are unavailable. You will rarely be given more than 24 hours notice to attend an audition. If you have pre warned us about holidays, exam periods or just when you maybe need a break that is fine. We will ensure you are not submitted for any work during this time. If you fail to tell us you are unavailable and consequently repeatedly miss auditions we will remove you from our books without a notice period.

2) It is of the upmost importance that you are aware that all audition and filming material is highly confidential. This must not be shared in anyway, both in person or online. You must not post on social media if you are invited for an audition or if you secure a job that mentions the production. Many shows are highly confidential regarding their shooting schedule.

In many cases you may have to sign an NDA or we have to sign one on your behalf. This is a legal document and under no circumstances can you disclose the details of the production. If you were to share this information it is you who would be responsible for the consequences, not Blake Close Management Ltd.

3) You must not directly contact casting directors to ask for feedback on your audition.

4) Whilst working on set you must not approach other actors or crew members outside of your rehearsal and shooting times. Under no circumstances must you ask for autographs or photos.

If you are unsure about anything above please email for clarification.

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