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Parents - FAQS.

Here you'll find the most common answers to questions about our agency. .

How does my child join your agency?

If your child is just starting out we advice they join our acting for camera classes. They will automatically be represented by us once they meet the required standard. We also run quarterly audition workshops held across the north west should you not be local to our classes.

We do not send our clients for walk on or supporting artist work. (Background Extras).

How much is it to join the agency?

Nothing. It’s absolutely free. We take commission off any work gained by your child - It is within our best interest to get our clients work. Be aware of any agencies that charge you to join - sometimes it gets disguised as "Admin Fee" or a "Portfolio Fee". Any reputable agency will represent your child as they genuinely believe they will take commission from your child securing a job.

Are you a model agency?

No. We do work with a few clients who specialise in still photographer for adverts. However if you are looking more for your child to work as a model we would not be the best agent for you.

Will my child need a headshot?

Yes. Headshots are used in the industry for casting and audition purposes. We do offer a headshot service for only £50 if you are represented by us. However you do no have to have your photos taken by us and you can use any photographer you like. Your headshots will need updating every 6-18 months depending on your childs age.

What happens if my child gets an audition?

If your child gets an audition you will be responsible for making sure they arrive on time and ready to go. Some jobs will send a script in advance for you to learn. Some will give you a script when you arrive. Some won't even work from a script and just want to meet your child in the room. You will rarely get more than 24 hours notice to attend an audition so it is vital you are aware of the commitment required in this industry.

Many productions are cast and filmed in London.

Travel costs to castings are at your own expense and are not covered by us. Callbacks and costume fitting expenses are sometimes reimbursed by the production company

What if they get the job?

Well done! This is a tough industry and all auditions are really competitive. Each job is completely different so there is not a set formula for how it will work. The first step is to secure your child a performance licence to allow them to take time off school for the job. It is essential you have a good working relationship with your school.

Your child will need to be chaperoned at all times. If the job is more than a few days long they will also be required to have schooling whilst on set. This will be discussed with you should the matter arise.

Do you guarantee my child work?

Unfortunately not. We don't know what jobs are going to come in the office from one day to the next. There may be times you are out auditioning every week. Then there may be months where you don't hear from us.

You should be very wary of any agent that guarantees you work.

What is the commission rate?

We take a flat rate fee of 15%. This is taken from the fee of the job before it is sent to the client.

Can I miss school for an audition?

This is completely dependent on your relationship with the school and your child’s academic standing. We always try to schedule auditions after school hours, however this is not always possible. If you continue to miss auditions that have been secured you will be removed from our books.

Do I need a performance license for my child?

Yes. If your child is under 16 they will need a performance license. This is obtained via your local council, the production company and your agent.

What other costs are involved?

We highly recommend your child becomes a member of Spotlight. Most high profile castings come through this platform and unfortunately only Spotlight registered artists can be submitted. This costs £100 per year but will be fully managed for you by us. For more details on what spotlight can offer your child's career please see here.

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